VQ: Tapping The Ultimate Commons

I take both seriously and literally the now well-known quote of Albert Einstein: “We cannot solve the problems we have created with the same level of thinking with which we created them.” I also take seriously his admonition: “We still do not know one-thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us.”


Many, many people who agree with the aforementioned are actively forwarding  more conscious endeavors of all sorts. Thank Goodness for that. If, however, we consider the above statements were made by a student of quantum mechanics, then perhaps calling for a different level of thinking calls for a quantum leap in our consciousness, practices and endeavors. Perhaps it calls for a jump so great as to render obsolete the previously held modi operandi. I submit it’s critical that we now embrace all manner of conceivable approaches to our planetary challenges, that we collectively explore the other 99+% of what nature has revealed to us.


VQ is a term I coined, or more accurately, that came to me in word and concept in 2004. It stands for Vibrational Intelligence Quotient. Just as IQ measures intellectual abilities and EQ measures emotional competence,VQ measures our capacity for accessing, navigating and co-creating with the unlimited intelligence, the source of all life: the Quantum Field, or what I call, TheUltimate Commons. It demonstrates an understanding that we are fundamentally vibrational beings, intertwined and entangled with all else in the Field. 


Blessed to have studied intensively with Swami Veda Bharati and his master Swami Rama during the decade of the ‘70’s, I learned of this Field, known to the ancient yogis as the “Field of Pure Potentia.” To Socrates it was the Plenum. Later it  was called the Quantum Field by Nobel physicists Max Planck, Paul Dirac, Louis de Broglie, et al. Now it’s enthusiastically embraced by physicists such as Nassim Haramein and Marc Comings and countless lay individuals who have referred to it as the Cosmos, deep space, the Zero Point Field.  


Early in my studies, I learned the Field was intelligent, sentient, beneficent, cooperative and of unlimited capacity and energy.  I understood that it was the source of all creation, and,it’s our playground. It’s our collective space. Further, as a responsive, infinite source, it morphs, adapts, reforms and re-presents itself to us constantly by seamlessly, logarithmically, mystically mirroring the nuances of our mere thoughts, words and deeds. It presents us with the constantly fluid, completely coherent, exquisitely coordinated “reality” in which we live. OurUltimate Commons expresses a beautifully Coherent Universe. It makes today’s big data control centers appear cumbersome and already outdated, possibly surpassed by a spiritual technology we have barely begun to source. 


How Do I Develop My VQ?


First, it is not necessary that you fully grasp and accept this concept. Skeptics are welcomed! Experiment first; decide later.


The work is to raise your own frequency. 


If we accept that we are all energetic beings vibrating at various frequencies, one of the first steps in learning to access the Field is to raise your own vibration, to refine and attune, thus allowing greater coherence with the Whole in increasingly subtler levels. This can be accomplished in multiple ways, a sample being:


    > meditation

    > healthy eating 

    > physical exercise/body awareness 

    > conscious thinking 

    > conscious speech

    > conscious actions

    > spending time in natural settings 

    > creating beauty in one’s environment

    > heightened religious experiences

    > sexual ecstasy

    > creating art

    > co-creating artistic improvisation


The most fundamental way to develop one’s VQ is to first begin practicing the understanding thatwe are not truly separate beings. Rather, we are completely united in a shared Field of Consciousness. 


Our bodies appear solid, distinct, discreet, so we are easily duped into believing in our separateness. Perhaps slightly easier is to sense that our minds may be entangled. Our thoughts know no bounds, and our intuition can tell us many things that we should have no way of knowing. It’s one thing to speak words of connectivity, or even to grasp them intellectually, but to actually apprehend this idea, to experience it, to feel it and deeply embrace and honor this understanding, is a far greater leap in comprehension.


How Do I/We Tap into the Ultimate Commons?


Collectively Tapping the Ultimate Commons, is where the true power lies.Herein  resides our greatest potential for creating good. As demonstrated by the HearMath Institute, when large numbers of us use ourVQ and collectively focus our shared intentions, when we align with purpose and commitment, we can send a ripple into the morphic field that gains momentum, eventually becoming an unstoppable tsunami of love and good will.


It’s a better alternative than war – by any measure. And now is the time.



Eve Konstantine, MPH, founder of Axios Works and The Georgetown Coaching Partnership, is an Evolutionary Coach, author, speaker, mother, friend and lifelong seeker, living in Santa Barbara, California. She serves a worldwide clientele, corporate and private.


Learn more about VQ in her upcoming book, VQ: Playing in the Field of All Possibilities. She welcomes hearing from you and can be reached ateve@evekonstantine.com.



© VQ, Eve Konstantine, Huffington Post, February 2008 


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