Thoughts on a cosmic consciousness and the intricacy of life

As a new humanity awakens in self-thought awareness, our human consciousness is experiencing evolution. We are in a crucial time of complex global issues, that require complex solutions and individuals, which allow for us to build a sustainable future for generations to come. Presently, our collective human consciousness is evolving and becoming more interconnected, transcending the physical, non-dual boundaries that we find in everyday interactions. More and more, we are becoming connected through a series cosmic thoughts and happenings. Earth is at a pivotal point in history, we have to choose between a capitalist based society, that is fuel by coal and oil, which can end life on earth as we know it, or we can chose a future in which we function as a global collective, under the guidance of a cosmic consciousness and transcend the barriers we ourselves have created, such a skin color, borders, religion and/or ethnic identities. We must realize that we are one human race, no matter the exterior and that we function under a cosmic consciousness.

Long ago we lost out connection to the cosmic consciousness, and throughout history we have had exceptional human beings that regained connection, however since we are at such a crucial point in history, more than ever before more and more people are becoming aware of it and connecting through it and to it. This is because we need this evolution in order to sustain future life on the planet, an evolution of consciousness.

Developing the ability to be aware of our awareness and thoughts patterns, and discern what thoughts arise from us and what thoughts arise from social influence, I believe could lead to a human being that is fully holistic and connected to the All. Through understanding our thought pattern and where our thoughts come from, we have the freedom to choose between which thoughts we want to manifest into reality and which thoughts we let go. Through this, I believe our decision making abilities and interactions will increase in complexities, allowing for us to have more integrate interactions, that allow space for complex and paradoxical ideas to arise, without us fearing the possibility of conflict arising. Because we have gained the ability to interact with diverse and contradictory ideas, allowing them to challenge our perspectives and realities, without losing sense of the self. Once we developed the ability to allow for our perspectives to evolve with the interception of different interactions and conversations that challenge present ideas and perspectives of reality. We begin to understand that our human life is journey of learning, which means that what we once held as true one moment, in the next could be let go off, in order to create space for a more complex and intricate truth that has parallels and paradoxes. The same way our own life is a paradox. Having finite human bodies that live and are part of an infinite universe. We are part of the infinite, and yet we are finite in this form. However, I believe our consciousness is infinite, continuing to travel through the cosmos once we are released from our present form. It may travel as light, energy, atoms, vibrations or frequencies, I am not sure of the way it travels, but my intuitive mind reveals to me that it will continued to travel, once it this form ceases to be.

Once we are connected to the All, presencing life as moments that we create, that come and go. We learn to be free and live as a cosmic being, temporarily in a human body, living on planet Earth. In this consciousness I feel truly alive, understanding the delicate balance and interconnectedness of everything. Learning to dance to the rhythm of the light, moving with the vibrations, creating higher frequencies, transcending the dual world and interacting with the forces of the non-dual. Here we are able to travel through the barriers of time and space, understanding the potential of the human being and the human mind. Freed from the chains our society and governments put on our bodies, on our souls. Regaining ancient knowledge, lost long ago. Taping into universal memories, locked within our soul, opening our eyes to a world, which the senses cannot hold.

Having the ability to have these thoughts, makes me feel truly alive. Knowing that I am part of something greater than myself, than all human history combined. Understanding that I am part of an infinite cosmic universal consciousness makes me feel alive. That the achievements and success of a human are nothing compared to the achievement of the universal consciousness that gave birth and life to my consciousness and to the body that I inhabit in. These thoughts result in my ultimate freedom. Not worrying about trying to achieve a standard set by my peers but achieving a being that cannot be measured by manmade standards.