The Whole In Every One ~ The Power Of Love

Our free-of-charge weekly audio/visual “Hangouts” on show us “what happens” when we all wake up together. The effect of words on our bodies, hearts and minds given the silence and stillness of our attention – as a group – focuses all of us
on what is clearly beyond words. We become aware of being Awakeness its Self. We realize how incomparably unique we are each moment. As indivisible individuals, every one notices an ever fresh, unmistakably infinite assortment of “qualities” without boundary
or beginning. This novel “attentional style” connects Awakeness with its Self – as if in a toroidal-loop – providing us with an unlimited energetic potential to realize “Our True Nature”. All of the words written here with a capital letter name what is imageless
and indescribable. Forms are formless and Love Happens as we “See” all of us and each of us in the group as “This”. We are spaceless and timeless and the source of time and space. The Oneness of “This Awakeness” originates “the Intelligence of Love”. In this
way, we practice being more, and more, continuously aware of ourselves as One, exercising this consciousness muscle to more insightfully presence the challenges of everyday life. “This” is so simple to explore experientially – IT is easily learned! To request
an invitation as well as guidelines for participation, contact