The One, Two, Three Of Becoming A Global Citizens

“Who is my mother, my father, my sister or brother?” This is the response of Jesus of Nazareth when he was told that his mother and brothers were looking for him. I think this question cuts to the core of what it means to be a global citizen. I believe
that a true global citizen sees everyone they encounter to be their mother, father, sister or brother. I do not mean this in a metaphorical manner but in a very real way. I have been enculturated to view my biological family, my family of origin and my family
of procreation, has having the highest possible value. They are the ones to whom I must be most loyal. It is only when I can evolve pass this notion and see that all people with whom I interact are of the highest value that I begin to move into the realm of
being a global citizens. This may seem harsh or even unrealistic but I believe it is a necessary step if one is to become a global citizen. Along these same lines I believe the notion of an ever widening circle needs to be reexamined. While there is value
in being aware that my feelings, thoughts, choices and actions have an ever widening ripple affect moving from family to neighborhood, to community, to state, country, . out across the global even to the ends of the universe perhaps we need to invert that
circle. Maybe a better view is to see that my actions first effect the planet and then ripple in a sort of reverse way through continent , country, community back to immediate neighborhood and family. The end result of such view, I believe, enhances my understanding
of being first and foremost a global citizen. In order to empty myself of this enculturated view of family, God and country so that I become more aligned with being primarily a citizen of the globe I need to do three things. The first is to develop a daily
mediation practice into my life which opens me to the reality of how all creation is interdependent. The second is to find friends, online sites and magazine like Kosmos that support me in my efforts to live as a global citizen. And third I must seek to live
nonviolently in all aspects of my life. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, Jr. “I must be willing to suffer, without retaliation, for the sake of the cause (being a global citizen) to reach the goal of equality and justice for all the creatures of planet earth.
If we incorporate these three aspects into our lives we will gradually move into becoming a global citizen and this will be manifested in how we live our daily lives.