The Causal Commons

Twenty first Century Spirituality is undifferentiated from life itself, and we are now experiencing the friction of the Concrete Commons flinting against the Subtle Commons, creating the smoldering sparks of a profoundly ordinary Spiritual Commons. Humans
and their Awareness continue to evolve as a part of their historic birthright; technology has extended the multiplicity of views to every corner of the globe, kindling somber crossroads, which intermingle suffering and survival with hope and beauty. This ever-widening
spectrum is a womb within which all sentience can find their birth into a sustainable and flourishing world to which we all contribute. The Concrete Commons of universal rights to access basic, clean, living conditions is spontaneously enacted: to preserve
and do no harm to the heart and soul of matter out of which all life springs. The Subtle commons arises, which is the universal rights to human be-ing, having the right to access knowledge about our own processes, which will support our growth, evolutionary
development and knowledge about self and other, and to do no harm to the heart and soul of any sentient interior; and the Causal Commons flow, which invites access to all beings into the empty field of pure creativity out of which spontaneous leadership arises
for the goodness and benefit of the Subtle and Concrete commons of which we are all a part: spontaneous care of the whole of existence. The umbilical chord feeding our sentient family is universal ethics and values which demands that each one’s basic needs
are met; that love is a developmental virtue that can be taught; that our embodied expressions demonstrate and require a mutually global ethic of “do-no-harm” from the other person’s point of view. Marinated in these universal ethics, Awareness of the entire
spectrum of Awareness sparks a clear, free quality coming from the essence of the heart and soul, injected into the leadership moment; a profound process practice; an injunction for sagacious wisdom in the face of unbearable anguish and profound beauty; the
movement of service in action as a ministry. This calls us, each One, to be profoundly agile with the flow of humanity and its consciousness, and to be able to ride the eddies of time and space such that our presence becomes the grain of sand that grows the
perfect pearl nestled the shell of the Kosmos, bourn out of irritation and friction and formed by the planetary immune system. To be the stillness that receives the messages of truth and revelation that depend on nothing outside of ourselves; to discriminate
between re-memory which pierces the membrane of this concrete world, and the mind that constructs this world through its distinctions. To bring into representation all that we receive through direct sight in the form of a universal balm that can be understood,
received and grounded into ordinary lives; to Listen, Receive and Do. Twenty first Century Spirituality—a calling, an injunction—a grounded ethical practice reforming our consciousness, behavior, systems, and planetary culture, tending the whole of our Concrete,
Subtle and Causal Commons.