Ravi Arapurakal’s Global Citizen Essay Submission

What is a global citizen? A global citizen is any of us who regards oneself as a unique vantage and operating point of the integral unity of our common reality, based on the location of one’s mobile human organism; and understands the following: • Each
of us engages the rest of reality as an input output feedback loop, i.e., interpreting one’s local experiential inputs that generate responses as behavioral outputs, which in turn transforms our common reality. • This reality-transforming loop is mediated
by cultural informational content in the local human form. This content is made up mostly from uploads from information flowing through humans in and across cultural regions via ever richer modes of media, ranging from parental injunctions and behaviors, near-
and tele-conversations, lectures, speeches, books, textbooks, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, internet, to the mobile internet; all together burgeoning as a vast circulatory system weaving through ever larger regions of us; the content of which is
perpetually being modified and increased by new outputs from ever larger numbers of us, outputs that are found acceptable by the more influential of the rest of us. • The quality of the informational content in each geographical/cultural region tends to influence
each new one of our next generation, predisposing each to interpret one’s experiential inputs and respond to them in behavioral outputs according to the regional information content uploaded into one’s local human form. • Sadly, the quality of the content
of our informational circulatory system is fragmented and suffers inaccuracies from our increasingly common and more ignorant past. These limitations, functioning through each of us, distort our ongoing experiential inputs, and misdirect our ongoing behavioral
outputs. These misdirected outputs effect conflict and violence among us, and also makes us destructive to our common natural environment. • The prevailing informational content also imposes an identity on each of us – that make it difficult in two ways, for
each of us to break out and become a global citizen: o the identity of being the local human form, which identity imposes a value system that interprets one’s experiences with a bias toward those of similar race, color, gender, local ideology, and local nationality;
o this content also directs one’s attention primarily ‘outward’, toward one’s sensory experiential input; and largely blinds one ‘inwardly’ to one’s local informational content and processes. What is a global citizen activist? The global citizen’s identity
as a unique vantage point of the integral unity of our common reality compels us to regard all others as merely different vantage points of our common integral being. This makes us activists by default, committed to enabling all the rest of ourself, also to
become global citizens. What am I doing as a global citizen? I am fulfilling my global citizen-activist commitment, by dedicating my life to generating content and materials designed to enable each of us to liberate oneself from one’s conditioned form-based
identity, and shift instead to becoming a unique vantage and operating point of the integral unity of our common reality.