Progressive–Integral Alliance, communicating Wellbeing for all




Jim Buckley, steering committee of
Transition Town Montpelier, Vermont


I helped develop the Transition Town
Montpelier big-picture plan we now call the Energy Transition Action Plan
(ETAP), while also working on Integral theory with uvintegral (
The ETAP had 2 phases; the first being an assessment of key social,
psychological, and physical (food, energy…) domains for a 10 year plan to
establish resilience and sustainability for all 
of the community. The plan established benchmarks like reducing energy
demand by 25% by 2024, and providing  25%
renewable energy by the same date. As phase 2, How to put the Action in ETAP
 started we realized implementation of a
comprehensive plan could only begin through several years of communication of
that plan to the community in partnership with other like-minded groups. My
Integral work suggested a guiding ethos of messaging was needed,  we called an Ethos of Wellbeing, which has by necessity, both local and global


My experience suggests some
sustainability groups like Transition want to start work on planning, but have
a tendency to shy away from big-picture planning and become a bit self-limited
in approach. For example, few ETAP’s have been attempted in the Transition
movement, though the Transition model specifically calls for it. The
dilemma  seems to be that the progressive
meme recognizes that society must become a sustainable society, however, most  cannot address a big-picture ethos and plan;
while on the other hand society today is nowhere near giving up on the Modern
capitalist Paradigm. To pursue the big-picture these groups need a  wholistic insight and way of communication to
reach the wider community.


Recognizing this dilemma begs the
Integral community to suggest a way forward. The Integral Paradigm approach can provide  insight in dealing with Modern Paradigm
dysfunction; self-limitation by the Progressive meme; Integral systems planning;
and the promotion of an ethos of wellbeing. An analysis of Integral Paradigm
reveals the good of current and past paradigms; in particular, the Indigenous, Traditional,
the Modern, and the eco-Progressive. It also recognizes consequences of
catastrophe of some paradigms. And, it recognizes hope from an Integral level
perspective of whole systems thinking and holistic insight. This insight
suggests 3 things; We must all move into the future together; we must have a
guiding ethos of wellbeing; and, we must begin a cultural awakening, both
locally and globally.


coordinated action can happen in a “global social movement,” we need to
communicate an Ethos of Wellbeing for
all humans, species and ecosystems
; including wellbeing of the
individual,  Nations, and institutions.
Individuals will need to tap into a global wisdom, groups will need to
participate in global dialogue, behaviors will have to be more conscious, and our
institutions will have to function within an ecology of systems.


An Ethos of wellbeing presents a big task both to imbibe and
communicate. It can only be done through multiple connections and alliances. It
must be at once both sweeping and targeted. Targeted to all paradigm groups so
they can understand and also take reasonable action. Conscious actions have
been going on now for some time amongst progressive and green groups as well as
by many still committed to the Modern paradigm. For example;

1.     We can expect some percentage of the populace (5-10% of the
most committed) to reduce their energy and consumer purchases by 90+%.

2.     A higher percentage, say 20% of the populace including
businesses, through voluntary pledges and commitments can reduce their energy
use by 80%.

3.     Another 45% of the populace will come on board with a 50%
reduction in energy use through consciousness raising education and
communication, government policy, and improvements in efficiency.

scenario points out the current activity of  30% of the populace and indicates that 75% of
the populace will eventually have to participate in a new ethos of wellbeing
for all, within their paradigm ideology, if we are to achieve a sustainable
society. The Montpelier ETAP has endorsed this mix of participation as a viable
guide to communication and action. Communication directed to Progressive groups
about keeping the big picture front and center, and then fanning out that
message to the wider social audience is necessary.


Uvintegral recognizes
that an Ethos of Wellbeing and comprehensive planning must be communicated and
messaged to all paradigm scenarios. Thereby inducing coordinated action on part
of progressive groups; a path  unfolding
like this; First actions can take place by the 30% of Progressive and Integral
meme groups already in action, already having wisdom and awareness of present
conditions. To actually reach the next 45% of the population demonstrative
communicative action may be necessary, as in  an Eco-Occupy
WashDC 2020


One of the first steps toward this end
local groups must form alliances, like these 4 groups in Vermont;
Transition Montpelier,
Vt. New Economy, Vt. Occupy, Then alliances must be formed at
regional levels like New England and Mid-Atlantic States, leading  to  a
global period of demonstrative communication in 2020. Only if we move into the
future together, cooperatively and with an ethos of wellbeing, can we hope for harmony.


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