Probability Theory On Un Mdgs Statistics

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] and its targets are interrelated and should be seen as a whole. But partly 64% of Global human population’s physical and mental strength under MDG 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, & 7 are continue to balance with corrupt
practices due to inhaling dirty oxygen and consumption of contaminated food, water intoxication from environment. Rest of the 36% human population’s physical and metal strength is balanced under MDG 8 of partnerships of shared values to live healthy. Strategically
UN experts must thrive to improve Local and global partnership in clockwise motion from land locked least developed countries to least developed and to under developing to developing and developed countries to make more countries, heads to participate 100%
in MDGs statistics for success. The only partnership between developed and developing countries [Like winners and runners in game theory] will not bring results as aesthetic values are involved to achieve MDGS goals by 2015. Globally improvised MDG 3 on gender
equity will deliver successive doctrines to reform and improve shared values to bind in partnership with one another to develop independent state and self sustainability. The Global gender inequity suppresses truth values held in doctrines and effect environment
without commitments, creates conflicts, war to end partnerships everywhere. Gender/genetic equity ratio determines the current mass moment of doctrines to measure, resist and reform property distribution systems through governments to bring environmental cycle
in right order to recycle clean air, food and water for mass consumption to generate healthy human beings. The MDG 3 and MDG 7 are parallel and error in the axis of gender inequities which suppress or resist the truth values in land reform doctrines on property
distribution systems around the world by retaining MDG 7 on environment in same 11% low in parallel with MDG 3 with same 11% as mentioned in UN MDG Statistics. The parallel error in UN MDGs statistics are aroused from the human axis of gender inequities which
lower the trends and levels of Sharing, covering and representing propositions in data based MDGs indicators. Without improving Global gender expression and response via Governments Bill on gender equity among the citizens that the United Nations can’t move
further from 11% on MDG 3 to provide successive doctrines. Without successive doctrines that the Governments will not achieve land reformation of property distribution on MDG 7 to move further from 11% on environment sustainability to provide clean air, food
and water. The truth ignored doctrines and unclean environment will not develop MDG 8 from 36% on global partnership as specified in Para 4 of this probability theory. The local and Global partnership of MDGs 8 via MDGs 3 and MDGs 7 is very important to improve
simultaneously MDG 1, MDG 2, MDG 4, MDG 5 and MDG 6 to achieve 100% United Nations Millennium Development goals. NGO, childcare consortium is trust that this philosophy of statistics will support objective realities in achieving UN Millennium development goals
and target for success. Good luck to all UN MDGs experts! Courtesy By A.Karunakaran. Ex Navy, Founder NGO, childcare consortium, Chennai, India. WSIS project Prizes 2012 contestant NGO is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and
Social Council of the United Nation