Open Sea, Deep Current

We already are global citizens, whether we realize it or not. You and I. The Other, too. Each of us is immersed in a grand wave of global-ness; the sea in which we swim. We are spiders, meeting at nodes of a web that is connecting the entire planet. Whether
we are aware of what happens at the other nodes and nexuses or not, our every movement shakes the entire web. Yet, on a second order level, we are invited to operate from a global citizen attitude to being a global citizen. Aware of how, with each and every
move, we are acting out the web’s connectivity and infusing it with a certain ‘quality.’ Global citizenship is creative. What liaisons do we want to invoke? With what (feeling of) meaning? Global citizenship is a request to consciously act out the nodes and
liaisons, while being fully present to the space that is in-between. Knowing that all bathe in the same open sea, while deeply and insightfully penetrating the micro-reality that You and I are inhabiting at this time, in this place. To be radically present
to that what is available; here; now. As an embodiment of everything else. Global citizenship is about hosting the entire world from the laboratory that is our homes, however nomadic. Yet, keeping the global dialectically in our awareness at all times, as
a magnifying lens through which the cosmos, even, descends on us. There is a vast potent silence surrounding our globe that is calling us to shine, while twinkling stars are throwing light on us. Let’s keep our faces oriented to the sun. Breath and spaciousness
are one. The entire universe is in our cells, for us to connect to at all times. A global citizen envisions the earth soul’s responsibility, while being firmly grounded in day-to-day and down-to-earth manifestation; celebrating rigor in every minuscule movement.
Every such movement is an earthquake, radiating; giving rise to cosmic dialogues that will never be forgotten. As a global citizen, I offer You, whom I know profoundly but never met before, a smile filled with Love’s Delight. You and I never were strangers.
Life calls us to this moment together. I look into Your eyes and I see the depths of the cosmos. Receive my gaze that is bewildered by the intensity of Your Divinity. I will warm Your eyes, and give nourishment, so You may perceive the world a little bit differently
today. Oh, will You embellish my perspective with Yours? When I gaze at You with an open mind and a welcoming heart, how can I not desire Your utter well-being? Your Glory? Your Radiance and Wisdom? You ask from me to give all. Knowing that all will still
be mine to be received. Every moment, I am emptied, gifting all I have available… In this emptiness I am completed; resting in the world’s embrace. Every moment: an eternity. Every moment: the fullness of opportunity. Resolution…