New Activism

Last night as I emerged from my Italian language class, one of my fellow students started furiously talking about how someone in her apartment block had put in aluminum windows and painted them blue, in complete contravention of the body corporate rules. I was amazed at how incensed she was, she was shaking with fury.

I started thinking about how injustice in society angers people, whether it is about the big issues like animal rights or seemingly little ones, like blue aluminum windows instead of white wooden ones.

I have been working as a professional animal communicator for the last 16 years. I teach people all around the world how to reconnect with animals and nature; how the most powerful energy in the universe is unconditional love. Love is what connects us all and what shifts things back into balance. With love we can help create miracles. I have seen this happen countless times with animals, both wild and domestic. Yet most humans seem not to believe in the power of this love, and call on their anger and pain to deal with atrocities, big or small. How can we change this? How do we channel this pain and anger into something positive and beautiful?

I recently found myself at a loss when I was faced with some very scary and horrid facts around wildlife conservation and animal welfare in South Africa, my home. Through my Animal Communication work I am involved with a few wildlife projects close to my heart. I admit to being an animal activist, but I long ago shied away from the angry activism I came across in the field. I have seen so much anger and destruction within organisations who attack each other because of idealisms not met, or views not shared, that I no longer wave banners and organize marches.

It is as if all the pain and anger that is generated when people see something that is heartbreaking and hideous for our beloved animals and nature, needs to have an outlet. If people feel ineffective in their rage against the perpetrators, a fight starts among those who are all on the same side. We do need people to be outraged, to act and speak out, but how do we find the balance?

When working with the ego and the energy of fear, pain and horror multiplies. How do we find the courage to start a movement for change without creating more pain and anger, working only with unconditional love?

Whilst I was stuck in the depths of despair over recent happenings in South Africa, I realized that in order for me to climb out of the pit and be effective, I had to rely on my spiritual connection with nature, and have faith and trust in that. Whilst meditating, I had an incredible message from a young baboon called Phoenix. This little one had died a horribly painful death in a veldt fire, because the people in charge of baboon management, decided not to intervene to give her treatment or even to euthanize. Baoon lovers around the world, were horrified at this decision and were left, through social media, to watch her suffer and die from her wounds. Everyone felt enraged and helpless.

In this meditation, I had a vision of a beautiful white light shining from her very essence. A feeling of absolute calm and peace came over me. I then heard a voice telling me not to panic about change not happening quickly enough. All the work that myself and others do for the animals is helping and making a difference, but it will take “many ages” before the great shift we are craving for happens.

My despair has been how the laws for animal welfare and protection are virtually non-existant and people are legally allowed to torture and abuse animals. Phoenix showed me that all the animals who are suffering in such extremes in this day and age are carrying the Christ energy. I would not describe myself as a Christian in the widely understood sense of the word, however I do believe that Christ came with a message of compassion and unconditional love for all of us. The animals have shown me that there is no separation from one another, we are all one. When an animal suffers, we all do, even if we are not conscious of it.

The balance comes when we see the “God” in all beings. When we recognize that we along with the animals and the force of nature are co-creators of this universe. By visualizing a positive outcome in every action we take, we can make a positive difference. If we act with rage and anger and leave the love out of it.. the pain multiplies.. when we add love and positive energy to our actions, we balance it out, the love multiplies and the fear, pain and anger dissipates.