Global Citizens Extend The Circle Of Compassion Beyond Humanity

What is a global citizen activist? What are you doing that indicates you are a global citizen? A global citizen is a being who is aware that there is an inter-connectedness between all forms of life, both human and non-human and who therefore dedicates
his or her life to ensuring that this inter-connectedness is recognized, addressed, and implemented. One of the most neglected areas of understanding in this field is that of the human relationship to the animals in our care. We know from many scientific studies
that violence towards animals is linked with violence towards humans. However what most of these studies have not broached is the fact that violence is not just an individual practice of some twisted psychopaths, but a commercialized, legitimized mass violence.
Over 140 billion animals are slaughtered worldwide for food every year, in the egg, dairy and meat industries alone. Every minute nearly 19,000 animals are killed in the USA alone. This society-sanctioned violence and fear produced from the slaughterhouses
of the world must also undoubtedly create a thought-form of fear and terror, of bloodshed and cruelty, which spreads into the human world. Until humans lay down their weapons of war against the animals, we will not have a peaceful world. A global citizen is
one who thinks globally by realizing that vegetarianism contributes towards world peace, and who acts locally by refusing to eat the dead bodies of our near-relatives, the animals.