Global Aging And Dying With Consciousness

Global Aging and Dying with Consciousness
As an American specialist in senior assisted living and senior care, I am especially interested in the changing cultural changes effecting our global aging population as we honor and recognize cross-cultural differences in respecting elders, caring for seniors and recognizing dying as a part of life. In the United States today, we are faced with the economic burden of the Medicare crisis impacting reimbursement for end-of-life care, which is not necessarily a bad proposition when both Hospice and other cultural (such as Amsterdam) forms of recognizing death become celebrations of life and use a “Slow Medicine” approach to care for the individual versus spending precious financial and human resources to participate in a natural process.
I would like to share my perspective and hope for what I see as cross-cultural solutions to both the economic and spiritual consciousness opportunities to enlighten the global community to a “better way” to age with dignity, vitality and a celebration of life and transition through death into a new awakening.