Connecting the We-in-the-I: global response-ability rising within and without





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Even if its true that humanity has never created a problem
that it couldn
t solve, lets not bet our future on it. We do have an
extremely challenging set of interwoven global crises at hand,
high level of competences to address them. We could be fully immersed in a
flow stateof co-generating the transition
to a thriving and prosperous planetary culture. But we don
t. What is

The good intention to map and connect all the initiatives that
work for a transformational solution in this or that domain is not missing.
Theres even a group, the Global Solution Networks that developed a
taxonomy of 9 categories of them focused on problem-solving. Another
international project, the Peer-to-Peer WikiSprint, brought together activists, scholars, hackers, and
journalists to map and document P2P experiences.

Mapping contributes to the gradually emerging, collective
consciousness of the evolutionary wave that comes in all colors and raises all
boats. Bycolors
here I mean the ones associated with the altitudes in the evolution of
an individual or a culture, named by Spiral Dynamics, e.g.: Orange
(StriveDrive), Green (HumanBond), Yellow (FlexFlow), and Turquoise (Whole

People at the Turquoise altitude perceive the world as a single,
dynamic organism, a whole system that has a collective intelligence. Just how
much intelligence can flow through any system depends on how well its parts are
connected. The kind of mapping that would be the most valuable to enrich those
connections, our increasingly densely packed global nervous system, calls for the
cooperative action of evolutionary cartographers working from holistic sensing
and thinking.

Holistic sensing and thinking are competences that come online
when I see myself not only a part of the whole, but also the whole as a part of
me: when I discover the we-in-the-I, or my we-self.Those competences can be
cultivated and, in fact, are cultivated in many of the We-space
communities coming together around the work of such evolutionary thought
leaders and consciousness pioneers as Thomas Hübl, Ken Wilber, Terry Patten, Diane Musho
Hamilton, Otto Scharmer, Dustin DiPerna, Bonnita Roy, Jeff Carreira and
Patricia Albere.

Those we-spaces are vessels that help life carrying itself
forward towards higher relational competence, harmony, and complexity. The
questions on the lips of many in those communities are these: Are these
initiatives scalable? What would scaling look like? How would scaling acrosswork if scaling

Those questions are particularly important for all those, who are
living and loving the we-in-the-I, and want to honor their global
responsibility, or as Thomas Hübl
likes to pronounce it, their global

My own sense of response-ability has been strongly inspired by
the following observation by Barbara Marx Hubbard, since I first read it, 10
years ago:

“The larger social structures are proving to be inadequate
to solve the problems they’re creating. New social innovations are emerging
everywhere, but they are not sufficiently connected or empowered. So right now,
any effort that we can make to connect and create greater synergy and
participation in this awakening process is probably the most important thing we
can do.”

Discovering and strengthening the pattern that connects our
highest individual and collective aspirations are pivotal to their realization.
So is discovering how those patterns arrange themselves in functional,
ecological alignment in the ecosystem of evolutionary initiatives. For example,
imagine what could become possible when the practitioners of the various arts
and sciences of collective intelligence (CI) decide to intentionally augment
the CI of their combined field, and put the resulting new collective
competences in service of evolutionary entrepreneurs working for societal
innovation in education, organization design, healthcare, etc.

As Helen Titchen Beeth
noted in her
entrepreneurship is a way of being of someone
who is willing to dedicate his or her life to fulfilling a collective needand engagesdirectly, consciously and with
intentwith the living
system, for the good of the whole.

We meet more and more evolutionary entrepreneurs in all walks of
life, but we havent yet entered a qualitatively new phase of the
Big Shift. That will be the one that I described in the first paragraph of this
essay as immersing ourselves in a global flow
stateof co-generating the
transition to a thriving and prosperous planetary culture. What could help us
getting there? One of the answers seems to be in becoming mindful together.

Another enabler would be mapping all the major initiatives that feed
the self-organizing collective intelligence of evolutionary entrepreneurs and
their communities. Thinking of their entirety as a super-organism, a sort of planetary
metabeing, we realize that for it to be viable, its collective mind needs to be
joined by a collective heart, consciousness plus
compassion. That will start a new leg of the human familys learning
journey: the era of the species-beings collective sentience.

To usher it in, we need a
tool for mapping the future
. (That link points to an early articulation of
developing such a tool.) Lets help raising each others
global response-ability within and without. If you feel inspired to continue our
conversation, its your turn.

George Pór is a researcher in
collective intelligence and wisdom, evolutionary mentor and learning partner to
 and changemakers in business,
government and civil society.