Children Of The Earth – Spirituality And Youth

Inner Revolution for Social Evolution

Nina Meyerhof, Ed.D. and Glenna Voegle of Children of the Earth

The Global Heart for Oneness Movement & Campaign is a collaborative, international youth experience ofInner Revolution for Social Evolution.  Children of the Earth is launching an effort to unite youth worldwide to create a catalytic tipping point of human consciousness in order to transform our world into a more peaceful and sustainable planet. This collective process involves using inner reflections, new technologies, and individual and group actions designed and implemented for social evolution.

Youth are the world’s engines of change. Spiritual Activism for Oneness is a concept that originates from the understanding that youth have incredible energy and power which can be channeled into living lives based on the “will to good” which lead to positive social changes. This begins by seeking inner peace and establishing a connection to the oneness of our consciousness through daily, mindful meditation and reflections.  COE Spirit Ambassadors are offering the invocation “From I to We to ONE,” inspired by “The Great Invocation,” to be used daily by youth around the world, thus establishing the foundation for the Global Heart for Oneness Movement. As the core group deepens its connection within, the energy networking process establishes the spreading of light and goodwill, and new technologies emerge, providing opportunities for individual and group actions.


This shift in youth consciousness propels the creation of a revolutionary, interactive heart-based internet site called the Global Heart.  This activates the youth’s altruistic need to change behaviors by regularly expressing acts of kindness and developing community projects of positive action.  The Global Heart site is designed to support the transforming of the internet’s purpose of uniting the global mind to collective energies of the heart. The concept is to raise the vibration of the potential of the internet using varying technologies and methodologies. When we use the mutual heart experiences to unite us into a greater understanding of our unity, spiritual activism takes new forms of expression for social evolution.

Pioneering Spiritual Activism, COE’s Handbook supporting our next generation’s role of integrating spirituality in their lives, provides the needed methodologies and tools for social transformation. It guides youth through a process of learning that within the known self is an inner voice that has often not been heard…an authentic voice. This voice gives one an understanding of true self and purpose. REFLECTION is the path to inner freedom and personal understanding.  This leads to CONNECTION, by refining one’s ability to walk in another person’s shoes and still maintain a sense of integrity and harmlessness with the intention to communicate. In this state of awareness, it becomes a moral duty to begin to imagine how one may serve others, which offers a focus on how to prepare for creating relevant projects that have meaning for one’s community. We are training COE youth leaders to be our trainers, become certified, and go out into the world training others.

Children of the Earth empowers young people to become spiritually conscious leaders by employing these methodologies ofReflect, Connect, Act, which have been delivered to youth in over 60 countries. Young people with whom COE has worked have gone on to help create significant social changes that have touched the lives of many.  Just within the last years, COE youth has fostered building  25 schools in Nepal; fostered peace as a troubadour in Africa which won him Human Rights Award; brought hundreds of teddy bears to orphaned children in areas of natural disasters, such as Haiti, Thailand, New Orleans and Rwanda; planted trees in landfills in Dubai (winning an Earth Day award from the Dubai Municipality); established a non-profit called “A Bus of Books” in Australia to address illiteracy; developed volunteer community initiatives in the Philippines called “I am MAD” (Making A Difference), which have already touched the lives of more than 600 people; and established The Apeadu Children’s Peace Center in Ghana that brings young people together to learn peace-building skills.

The Millennial Generation is inheriting a host of complicated global problems.  The solutions for these will require a higher calling of inner reflections and positive actions. This generation has the distinct advantage of harnessing advanced technologies and new sciences to take this inner revolution, created by mindful meditations and reflections, and use it for social evolution.  COE, through the Global Heart for Oneness Movement, will hold the space for young people to transform our world on a massive scale  to evolve the tipping point, thus continuing to pioneer in conscious evolution.


From I to We to ONE



From the point of Light

  within the mind of Oneness,
Let Light stream forth into our minds;
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love
  within the heart of Oneness,
Let Love stream forth into our hearts;
May Love increase on Earth.

From the center 
  where the will of Oneness is known,
Let purpose guide our wills,
The purpose which the Holy Ones know and serve.

From the center
 which we call humanity,
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,
And may it transform darkness into light.

Let Light, Love, and Unity heal our world.

Let Light, Love, and Unity awaken humanity.
Let Light, Love, and Unity cultivate peace and harmony on Earth.



Inspired by “The Great Invocation”