A Radical Choice

There are different ways to live on our planet. We know it is possible to live an ordinary life that is integrated with an open heart and spirit. When Buckminster Fuller was asked how he described himself, he said, “I am an ordinary man.” We claim awareness of the potency of our choices. This is true more so now, at this precarious time on the planet. However, our research and personal experience shows that for the most part, many of us live in a significant gap between our stated values and our actions. This gap is the reason most of us do not make the most personally or globally beneficial choices in regards to health and well-being. We say we will. We make promises to others and ourselves. We don’t keep our word and feel badly about ourselves. We really want to make a different choice for ourselves and find it very difficult at times. What to do?! We believe we have a master key to open this door and make those changes we care about.

When we are born, we are openhearted–we laugh when we are happy, we cry when we need something. We move from one emotion to the other and nothing is ‘stuck.’ And during those first few years of life, as you know, parents tell us how to be. And we adapt. We are told, “Do not say that,” “speak softer,” “you shouldn’t do this,” “you need to talk to me like this,” “I am your mother,” (blah, blah, blah, blah…)–and we do it. We do it because we have to survive in our families. We do it because we are loyal and loving. We do it because we want to do the right thing. We do it because we are part of our family’s tribe.

That is called conditioning. Everybody has it. There is not one of us who does not; and it is like being on a freight train that we cannot stop. We are entrained in our conditioning, so we’re just doing what we were taught to do. We don’t even think about it. If we do, it is usually an either/or situation. We are in reaction. Over time, we believed our image of the world and ourselves and became blind to how we affected others. We certainly do not want to perpetuate and preserve old patterns that prevent us from experiencing our birthright of happiness.

Our choices are determined by our conditioning. We are all inexorably attached to our images and conditioned behavior. We know, when we respond to what is happening now in the same way we did when we were children, we feel restricted. That small voice that whispers STOP in our hearts and minds needs strengthening.

A Radical Choice is that intersection between what we were taught and life itself. That is where risks can be taken. We are truly safe knowing that we are not alone, that we are not separate. This can be a difficult concept for us although we have learned it and we understand it. There is an experience of knowing we are not alone or separate. This knowing is the result of integrity. This knowing needs no explanation. This knowing works every time.

To be whole requires seeing parts of ourselves we spent a lifetime denying, projecting on others, and pretending that they do not exist. We try to prove our point to the exclusion of love and trust. We do this out of fear that we might not be loved, or we might not survive truly seeing ourselves, or we would be driven insane from revulsion at what we discover. That is not true. None of it is true. However, we need to experience that ourselves.

Disruptive Learning Technology is a step-by-step practice that dissolves patterns while transforming our thoughts, feelings, and behavior over time, when followed exactly as intended. No sugar when salt is asked for. It is a practice of precisely living our Six Principles of Insight, Personal Responsibility, Authenticity, Integrity, Clear Mind, and Awakened Action.

Disruptive Learning Technology propels us to self-awareness. We see our experiences, our feelings, and our resistance to change. We are here and seeing simultaneously. Our resistance is just pure energy that we use to transform history into awareness. We are no longer bound to continue behavior patterns that impair and degrade our relationships. When we have shaped and formed the muscle of self-awareness, we are able to change our conditioned wiring at the same time we are in reaction. Really!!! It is then and only then we have free choice and can choose a different trajectory right in the fire of reaction. The either/or disappears and an open field of possibilities appear.

We are all in the same tribe.