21st Century Spirituality- Ideas For Aw 2012

My feeling about the new energy generating 21st Century Spirituality is that each individual now takes full responsibility for their own personal growth. The days of following gurus of any kind are over. The days of letting someone else dictate who we
are, what we want and how we should be, are over. We as a global village, now have so much information at our fingertips that we each can make our own deep, personal discernments about what is right for ourselves. We are seeing a radical departure from huge
organized religions headed by a few questionable leaders shepherding large docile congregations. 21st Century Spirituality leans toward self-empowered, self-realized. pro-active smaller groups of like-minded people who share ideas, support and inspire each
other in positive, healthy ways to contribute to their communities. Anyone carrying the energy of unconditional love becomes a true and authentic teacher now just by being, showing up and radiating this highly misunderstood energy. Why is it misunderstood?
The only people who really get it are mothers. We are all just learning about this energy if we are still in bodies! Sharing and supporting each other is in vogue on social networks and will soon expand into all areas of life. Already, Nobel prize winners
and many great minds of our time are offering free online classes and degrees so everyone in our global community can be educated, contribute and live abundantly. Inclusiveness is on the rise. That means that anyone regardless of age,race,color,sex,weight,or
financial status can be, do or go anywhere and be accepted. Gratitude and co-creating become 21st Century Spirituality practices. For those of us who have peeled our onions, danced with our dark sides, let go of outcomes and found our inner voices,leading
with our intuition instead of pushing to make things happen intensifies. We draw others to us who are doing the same thing, form groups and heighten, hone, and ground our growing intuition with the help of spirit. Our belief in that fifth element is the opening
to working with spirit and learning the power of co-creation. The fifth element becomes heightened in our lives when we choose right relationship to ourselves, others, the planet and all beings then right livelihood occurs naturally. The great turmoil that
we see in the world is creating opportunities and avenues for us to achieve all these things in our lifetimes. 21st Century Spirituality is the energy of unconditional love and anything or anyone who does not resonate with is energy is transformed and brought
back into alignment one way or another.