Exploring Connection for Greater Impact

A study of ‘The Shift’, it’s values, principles and practices

Kosmos has received a generous grant from the Fenwick Foundation to explore the transformative movement many call the Shift, or New Story (and Kosmos has called Co-Creating the New Civilization). The purpose of the study is to discover ways individuals, organizations, and communities of practice can connect for greater impact. Using surveys and content analysis, we will examine common themes, shared values, and emerging ideas about coordinated action.

Hand-in-hand with our sense of a world in crisis, there is a growing sense, across many fields of endeavor, that we are crossing the threshold into a ‘new story’—a story no longer based on greed, competition and scarcity, but one informed by fresh expressions of cooperation, indigenous wisdom, community-building, sharing and innovation at all scales from local to global. In many places, our worn-out story of separation and fear is giving way to a new one of intimate connection with one another, celebrating our diverse cultures, and caring for all life on the planet.

Many believe a new planetary era is emerging. Systemic transformation is happening in all fields of endeavor—economics, governance, science, education, spirituality and more. That young people, under the age of 40, are leading the way through action is perhaps the most hopeful sign of all. The spirit of intentional service on behalf of the common good is being demonstrated in new ways in countless places: Warriors without Weapons (Brazil); Kafunda (Zimbabwe); EcoMe (Israel); MetaLab (Austria); Shikshantar (India) are just a few examples. Transition Towns, Permaculture, Global Commons, and Global Citizenship are further examples of movements that are strengthening community resilience and restoring the earth as well as expanding our responsibility on a global scale.

Kosmos is interested in exploring ideas about the evolutionary impulse underlying these transformative ideas, especially as this relates to personal and social identity. What are the uniting beliefs of people doing similar work? Where are the richest and most inclusive conversations taking place? Is deeper collective action the next step? What kinds of collaborative opportunities are possible?

In the next few months, we will reach out to hundreds of thinkers, doers, artists, makers, teachers, global leaders and community-builders who self-identify with the Shift, to explore these ideas and to ‘map the watershed’ of their journeys of mind, spirit and action to advance a healthier planet and increase the well-being of all.

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