Kosmos Global Ambassadors Program

Kosmos Journal is fortunate to have a  team of Global Ambassadors who are dedicated to spreading the mission of Kosmos through their work, lives and travels. Our growing team is based both in the United States and abroad, and contributes to the growth of Kosmos Journal and its mission in the following ways:

  • By promoting Kosmos Journal, Nancy Roof and the message of Kosmos through articles, speaking engagements, interviews, introductions, conferences, etc.
  • By introducing Kosmos Journal to professional and governmental contacts at the highest levels of worldwide organizations.
  • By translating the Kosmos Mission Statement and selected articles for use on the web site, or by publishing a Kosmos e-digest in a language other than English (for a sample Kosmos Digest, please click here.)
  • By promoting Kosmos Journal on their personal and organization’s web sites, as well as in blogs, Facebook and Twitter postings, and other social media outlets.
  • By providing email addresses and contact information from personal distribution lists for inclusion on our e-newsletter mailing list. (NOTE: we do not share our mailing list.)
  • By identifying potential distributors for Kosmos Journal – such as university libraries, bookstores, magazine stands and retail stores where the Kosmos message will reach a wide and interested audience.

We understand that each of our Global Ambassadors brings their own skills and passion to their service, and we encourage each Global Ambassador to develop their own action plan, detailing how their skills, experiences and contacts can assist Kosmos. To see a sample action plan from a current global ambassador, please click here.

Our current US-Based Global Ambassadors are:

Eve Konstantine, US
James B. Quilligan, Washington DC
Stephanie Shorter, US

Our Internationally-Based Global Ambassadors are:

Peter Agbor, Cameroon
John Steven Bianucci, South America
Subhash Chandra, India
Tom DiDonna, Kenya, Rwanda
Francek Dobovisek, Slovenia
Blanca L. G. Fernandez, S.Africa
Martha Foster, Singapore, Myanmar
Anita Kelleher, Australia
Wanda Kraus, Qatar, Canada
Paul Lengar, Sierra Leone/W. Africa
Shahzor Memon, Pakistan
Samuel Neshuku (Sammie),Namibia
Jared Okumu Abich Nyakiye, Kenya
Bonaventure Ntwari, Burundi
Alain Ruche, Europe/Asia
Abdourahmane Seck, Senegal
Nimdiki Sherpa, Nepal
Rinzin Sherpa, Tibet, China
Tara Stuart, Nepal, China
Maurice Sungu, Kenya
Nila Tadich de Ossio, Bolivia
Diane Hendrickson Winder, NZ

When appropriate, Kosmos highlights the work and travels of our Global Ambassadors on our web site, on Facebook and Twitter,  in the printed journal and through our new Global Ambassadors Newsletter, which will be launched in May 2013.  We are as committed to promoting your work as you are to promoting ours.

If you would like to join our group of volunteers, and if you believe you have the time and dedication to commit to our mission, please download the Global Ambassador Application | Action Plan, and return it to us at info@kosmosjournal.org, along with a copy of your resume.  If you have a writing sample, please submit that as well (optional.)