Kosmos Activities at the United Nations


Kosmos was honored to be awarded Consultative Status with the United Nations in 2012, after members had served since 1987. The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) grants Special Consultative Status to NGOs whose programmes are of direct relevance to the aims and purpose of the United Nations. It allows NGOs to attend UN conferences, designate UN representatives to all UN missions in the world, and circulate statements at ECOSOC and other UN meetings.

Consultative Status has its foundation in Article 71 of Chapter 10 of the United Nations Charter:

“The Economic and Social Council may make suitable arrangements for consultation with non-governmental organizations which are concerned with matters within its competence.”

United Nations Resolution 1996/31 states the following about Special Consultative Status:

“23. Organisations that have a special competence in, and are concerned specifically with, only a few of the fields of activity covered by the Council and its subsidiary bodies, and that are known within the fields for which they have or seek consultative status shall be known as organizations in special consultative status.”

Currently there are 3382 NGOs in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council. Kosmos Associates is also affiliated with the Department of Public Information at the UN.

Representatives of Kosmos Associates at the United Nations:

•  Nancy Roof, Tara Stuart, Dorothy Maver, Rhonda Fabian

Kosmos participation at the UN:

•  Consultations at International Conferences, most recently at Rio +20 on Integral approaches to sustainability

•  Participation in meetings on international issues, particularly those involved with values, the commons, sustainability and a culture of peace

•  Co-Founder and member the Values Caucus

•  Co-Founder and member the Spiritual Caucus

•  Speaker at High Level Panel on Culture of Peace