Global Citizens Movement

Kosmos has been deeply committed to the emerging planetary civilization and world community since its founding in 2001. Since 1987 Nancy Roof has been active in the international community at the United Nations where Kosmos Associates Inc. is now in Consultative Status. It is only recently, however, that a groundswell of activists and civil society organizations outside of the UN has realized the necessity of connecting together to have an impact on the critical global issues of our time.

The Widening Circle (TWC) movement to catalyze a Global Citizens Movement was called together in 2011 by Paul Raskin, President of the Tellus Foundation. There was widespread awareness at that time that our most challenging problems are global in scale and in a world connected by the Internet and increasingly interdependent that all humanity is involved.

Nancy Roof served as one of the 5 core members of the Coordinating Circle, along with representatives from Pakistan, South Africa, UK and US. Although our goal of creating global circles based on issues and geographical diversity has not been reached, we hold out promise for this effort in the future. Paul Raskin has written some of the most important documents on the compelling reasons for a global citizens movement to complement governments and corporations.

In November 2013 Nancy was invited to be one of 200 participants in a Global Citizens Movement in Johannesburg, South Africa. The founders presented a format deeply participatory and ended with an evolving statement of where we stood, called The Johannesburg Compass. This promises to be a substantial movement—with a series of conferences in 2014 and 2015 to continue the work and an active website open for your participation.

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