Pioneering Spiritual Activism

You are about to experience the guidance of an inspired and practical visionary. Nina Meyerhof is one of those people who does so much good – so much effective peace building and leadership development – that it is impossible to measure her impact. Her legacy is in her work and in the countless emerging young leaders she has guided.  

What you will find in this handbook is distilled wisdom. It is full of ways to hone evolved leadership, which have been drawn from extensive on the ground work. You will find that great attention has been paid to embracing cultural differences and welcoming diversity. 

Nina’s approach to integrating all the levels of our being clearly comes through. The physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual are woven together with skillful practices and exercises. We can no longer preach peace without also being peace; we cannot transform others if we are not committed to doing our own inner transformation work. We are called to balance the rational and the intuitive. Integration of the kind repeatedly outlined in this handbook leads us to becoming effective and strategic idealists.   

Balancing the inner and the outer is a dynamic process: we never complete our learning because people and situations around us are always changing. What is in store for you if you master the practices in this handbook is a life committed to deep listening and deep dialogue. Dialogue is not just helping others tell their story and speak their truth, it is about you opening up to share your own most essential truth and qualities of being.  

While many of us are inspired to be a part of visionary peace work, the reality is that we all need to learn how to prevent our own triggers and judgments when we are in charged and conflicted situations. We need each other to be mirrors. We need to understand our own patterns of wounding and hurt. We need to tap into the power of release, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  

This work is for the bold and courageous as well as for the insightful and compassionate, but most of all it is for those who are committed enough to gain the skills needed to guide our planet towards peace, healing, justice, and sustainability. I can think of no better way to start developing those skills that to with this classic handbook for emerging leaders of every kind.  

—James O’Dea Author, Human Rights and Social Healing Peace Activist 

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