Kosmos Climate, Consciousness, and Community Summit
February 14, 2019 Kosmos Community News

An Intelligent Response to Climate Fear

by Sarah Anne Edwards, PhD, LCSW, via her blog

“If a major tornado were heading toward one’s community, we would not say those who were concerned about it are suffering from ‘tornado-anxiety’. Nor would we prescribe daily meditation, a walk in the park, or joining a support group as the best ways to respond. While the danger from what is taking place ecologically and its impending economic fall-out is not descending upon us as instantaneously as a tornado might, feeling concerned about the seriousness of its current and worsening impact is a healthy, natural reaction to our growing consciousness of a real threat.”

Love, Life’s Greatest Gift

By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

“Love calls to us in many different ways. Yet while most people seek for love in the tangle of human relationships, the mystic is drawn deeper under the surface—in Rumi’s words, “return to the root of the root of your own being.” And here we begin to discover one of life’s greatest secrets…”