Community as Refuge and Path
November 13, 2018 Kosmos Community News

80 Years Since the Holocaust Began: Can We Stop Fascism Today?

By Martin Winiecki, via Common Dreams

“Since the Brazilian election on October 28, Bolsonaro and his followers haven’t wasted any time. The day after the election, his militant supporters begun publicly denouncing leftist leaders and artists as “enemies of the people,” military police raided schools and universities for antifascist material and Indigenous groups in the Amazon were attacked and torched.”

A Tale of Two Pipelines

By Victoria Price
In Kosmos Quarterly

Two Communities Stand Up for Pipeline Safety

“I’ve realized that, as a pretty well-educated, privileged person, I need to use my resources and skills more wisely and become more aware of how my actions and choices affect the ecosystem I’m a part of. When I started to see what was happening with Standing Rock in South Dakota in 2016, that was a wake-up call. I began to consider the safety risks associated with pipelines and the environmental destruction and water contamination that was happening near me in the Philadelphia suburbs with the Mariner East II. That was how the responsibility started to awaken in me.” – Mallory Rose Spencer