Spring and Fresh Beginnings
April 10, 2018 Kosmos Community News

Four Levels of ‘New Story’ Activism

By Marie Goodwin
This is an excerpt from a longer posting at Marie’s blog, Personal Mycology

People seek to “change the world” through activism on four different levels, no matter what the activism’s focus: the personal, the family, the community, and the world-tribe. What I have noticed about activism is that like so much else in life, what level you are focusing on at the moment changes throughout life; it ebbs and flows in phases, and brings richness and bounty to all of the other work we are doing in the world.

Kosmos Classic | Releasing the Potential of Our Life Force Energy

By Venita Ramirez
Kosmos Journal, Spring | Summer 2015

“In every moment the miracle of life reveals itself to us. A seed bursts into a sprout and grows into a tree, which then blossoms in the light of the sun. All around us, we can see the very concrete movement and miracle of a vital force animating our lives… It seems to have its own power, intelligence, and mysterious organizing principles—its own universal laws that require human flexibility and cooperation if we are to survive and thrive, both individually and collectively.”