Heart of the Forest
March 20, 2018 Kosmos Community News

Forest Art Walk | A Practice for International Day of Forests, March 21

By Nitin Das, via Healing Forest

“Art can be healing, just like nature. When we create art in nature, we are connecting to something deep within ourselves.”

VIDEO | How Trees Talk

In honor of International Day of Forests on March 21, here is a video by Kosmos thought-partner, Sustainable Human – How Trees Talk – sponsored by Ecosia and spoken by Suzanne Simard.

Spiritual Activism at The Assemblage NYC, with Alnoor Ladha

Kosmos Advising Editor, Alnoor Ladha shares insights at The Assemblage, a transformational community in Manhattan.

Kosmos and the UN | March Report

Kosmos sponsored and participated in dialogues at the United Nations this month on Global Citizenship, and Women, Spirituality and Leadership.

SAMARU | Living the spirit of the Amazon

By Liz Downes | A Reader’s Essay
In the current edition of Kosmos Journal

“The Sápara told us that for the forest’s spirit to remain intact and healthy, the oil has to be left in the ground. They told us to go back to our countries and talk to everyone – friends, family, organisations, governments – about the threats, not only to their land, but to all the Amazon.”