A Call for Essays | Living Transformation
July 28, 2015 Kosmos Community News

Joni Carley | Our Essential Commons

“Our interdependence is an emerging understanding that brings with it the opportunity to consciously evolve toward a world that stands on tectonics of dignity, compassion and justice – our most essential common ground. In the spirit of statistician George Box’s declaration that, “all models are wrong, some are useful,” the concept of essential commons can be broken down into three parts: civil commons, spiritual commons and universal commons.”

Adam Rubel | Living Lineages: Natural Wisdom of the Ancestors

“The living lineages we must seek are comprised of cosmologies, ontologies and cultures that are oriented towards guiding a co-evolutionary path amongst man, nature and the cosmos. Examples of living lineages include: Tibetan Buddhism, the living traditions of the Maya, and a myriad of other diverse lineages kept alive, often at great cost and sacrifice, by largely indigenous communities. These lineages grow and evolve, while maintaining a core integrity drawn from the roots of the tradition.”

Beauty | A Poem by Laura Weaver

“Writing has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. I am a chaser of light, a stalker of beauty, a lover of the ephemeral blooms of the eternal, a diver to the underworld, a moth to the flame of truth, a child at play in the deep woods. My writing is not only a conversation with my own soul, but with the Global Soul as well. Through my dance with words, I discover my deepest longings, god-wrestle with suffering, dream new dreams, and unfold the origami of my heart. “

Helen Camakaris | Why We Ignore Climate Change

“Humankind has much to celebrate. Our intellect has taken us to the moon, deciphered the code that defines us and created sublime works of art and music. But our intellect has also delivered us the means of our own destruction.

In the last few hundred years we have not only invented the means of exploiting fossil fuels, but we have also developed the economic and political systems that drive such technologies. We have failed to recognize the existential risks. So, why might that be?”

Geri Portnoy | Yoga of Aliveness

“Aliveness requires my wholehearted participation in the freshness of each moment. An intimacy so real that it threatens to annihilate my former sense of self as I allow myself to be so taken by the vibrant beauty of the little purple flowers in my backyard garden, and to be so touched by the horror of the beheadings on TV and the atrocities of war. To come alive is to come awake in my body to sensual delights and repugnant ugliness of the current world situation and allow the full, messy, intense, experience to flow through me. To break my small heart open, over and over again, to ever-greater capacities to love.”