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January 13, 2015 Kosmos Community News

Kosmos Welcomes 2015

Happy New Year! The Kosmos Team is welcoming 2015 by reflecting on our journey and striving to recognize the trends […]

MLK and Transformation

By Michael Edwards, from Transformation, at openDemocracy.net

On a winter’s night in 1955, a young preacher named Martin Luther King climbed into the pulpit of the Holt Street Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Once there, he delivered a speech to a packed crowd of close to five thousand people that would eventually lead to his own assassination, but breathe new life into the struggle to transform America and the world.


By Martin Hill

Since 1992, in collaboration with Philippa Jones, I have focused my art practice on making environmental sculptures in nature that return to nature. My photographs are all that remain of the sculptures. They are exhibited, published, and collected worldwide. For me, making this body of work is my way of connecting with nature to tell the story of the transition that is underway now towards a circular economy that emulates the way nature works. Nature is sustainable by design.

INTERVIEW Neema Namadamu: “Community is Family”

“Everyone has community. We’re one community. One global family. Community is a family. And it’s why we must build that community, that is for people, for human beings. And people can be proud about community where ever they are from. I’m proud to be a woman and I’m proud to be in my community, too. All Women Rising is an organization based in the Congo—with all the violence against women, rape or war, we are rising. And when we are rising we build a community. And with indigenous people, with all community around, we are trying to get that unity.” – Neema Namadamu

Kosmos 2015 Seed Grants

The Kosmos Seed Grant Application Phase in now closed. Recipients will be announced in early April. Applicants, thank you for your participation and all your efforts to make a better world.