The Emerging Story of Community
November 18, 2014 Kosmos Community News

“If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together.” And If You Want to Transform…?

Sometimes we meet a young person who continues to hold a deep place in our minds and hearts long afterwards. I met Shaun Chamberlin briefly at the New Story Summit. It felt as though I had known him forever. The future of humanity and the hope of the world is with such talented and dedicated youth. I want to honor his work by sharing one of his essays. – Nancy Roof

Connecting for Change: Insights from an Emerging Global Transformation Movement

by Rhonda Fabian

The Shift, Great Turning, and New Story are words used to describe what many are experiencing as a growing movement or awareness worldwide of the need to examine and restructure political, economic, and social systems to align more closely with the needs of humanity and the Earth. The threats to life brought by climate change coupled with global economic crises are entering mainstream discourse as adversity trends to be feared, yet at the same time are providing impetus for personal transformation, practical efforts to cope at the grassroots level, and international initiatives for the common good. As threats have accelerated, so have the seeds of resilience and adaptation sprouted everywhere.

VIDEO: Nick Joyce on Intentional Community

We met Nick Joyce at the New Story Summit. He spoke briefly and we realized we wanted to hear more from this remarkable young man. Kosmos Project Director, Dot Maver, asked him if he would be willing to meet in the Original Garden at Findhorn Ecovillage and discuss his views on youth, intentional community, and social change.

An Interview with Satish Kumar at the New Story Summit

Interview by Rob Garrity, in the current issue of Kosmos Journal.

“The New Story is being played out through art, culture, music, and communities. And through the ecological movement and ecovillages movement. We are waking up. We are not slaves of the market. Our human life has a greater meaning than making money, making profit, and working for the market or for multinational corporations. Multinational corporations and a market economy have transformed human beings into instruments of making money. Human beings should be the end. And money should be the means to an end. Caring for nature should be the end and money should be a means to take care of nature. The New Story turns that around, and makes money into means. And nature, humanity, and human welfare, human well-being, human happiness—these are the ends. So, these are the kind of transformations that we are creating. And this is happening now.” -Satish Kumar

Ecovillages: Design at the Edge

by May East

Ecovillages are laboratories of human relations, in which we test the power of new systemic thinking to bring about necessary changes in the local and global economic, social and ecological environments. Ecovillages provide conditions for cutting-edge sustainability experiments. In these living and learning laboratories, we quickly learn from mistakes and advances. Both are held in a complex framework of dream and vision, earth and cosmos, technology and spirit, intention and love, dance and chant, cycle and balance, death and renewal.