Three Short Films from Healing Forest | by Nitin Das

By Nitin Das, Healing Forest

What makes you Rich or Poor?

This film was shot in the beautiful but less known Sangti Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The intention of this short film is to make people think about the difference between leading a rich life and having a lot of money.

I am working on a film project called ‘Healing Forest’. It’s a journey to explore the healing powers of nature and find a deeper relationship with forests. Healing Forest is a project to help people reconnect with nature and discover the meaning of true wealth. In a world suffering from consumerism and materialism, our aim is simple –  Helping people heal. Helping forests heal.

As part of the project I am collecting personal stories of healing through nature from people who have a close connection with forests. See an examples below and more here:

Editor’s note: Mr. Das will be in the greater metropolitan New York area this August. He is collecting stories of people who have a close connection with nature. If you wish to share your story to help inspire other people, he requests that you contact him directly through his blog:

Words and Visuals: Nitin Das |

Music: Silent Partner | Sunday Drive

Forest Ways To Sleep Better

Sleep is nature’s way of recharging our batteries and raising our energy levels. When a person is not able to sleep properly it has a bearing on his or her mental and physical health in multiple ways.

One in three people may suffer from some form of insomnia during their lifetime. Inability to sleep is more common than you think and can affect anyone, anytime, anywhere for a wide variety of reasons.

But there is a need for greater awareness on dealing with insomnia and many people continue to suffer in silence. For more information on insomnia, follow the link to this helpful article.

Watch this short 2 minute film to see how a young girl found healing from her insomnia and the gift of sleep from a magical forest.

Film by: Nitin Das

On Screen: Desna Sharma
Off screen team: Arif Hussain, Naina Jain, Anurag Vishwakarma, Arvind Sharma
Voice: Nehha Bhatnagar
Music: Chris Zabriskie

How Forests Help

Forests have the ability to calm people down and soothe troubled minds. It has been proven that silent walks in the woods calm areas of your brain that are related to stress and anxiety.

Nature helps you slow down your thoughts. It makes you see yourself as a small part of a larger whole. This can shift focus from your individual anxieties and problems and produce insights and philosophies that bring peace.

The next time you are in a forest, pay close attention to not just what you see but also to the sounds and the smells in the forest. When you actively engage with the woods with all your senses, then you are redirecting your brain to move away from sleep preventing thoughts and giving it the much desired time to unwind.

Let go, a film to find calm

Words and Images by Nitin Das (;

Music – Rainy Embrace (Apple Music Library).

Peace poem words


Let go the darkness,
Let go the night.
Clear a little space,
Let in the light.

Let go your loss
Let go your pain.
Dark clouds pass,
So will the rain.

Let go your anger
Let go your hate.
Escape the prison,
Unlock the gate.

Let go the hurt
Let go the regret,
Peace flows when you
forgive and forget

Let go your fears
Let go your tears
Add a little life,
to these fleeting years.

When you are feeling low,
Just remember
Nothing lasts forever

Let go


Please share this with people in your life who may need a moment of calm in their life.