Special Preview | Kosmos Journal 2017 Spring/Summer Edition

The 2017 Spring | Summer edition of Kosmos Journal is here and includes features from transformative thinkers Thomas Hübl and Deepak Chopra, emerging voices Nick Joyce and Mark Phillips, and pilgrims for our time, Eleanor O’Hanlon, and partners Gabriele and Sesto Castagnoli, and many others. This is always a joyful time for us. Nancy Roof, along with the Kosmos team, works so diligently to create an offering of wisdom, depth and aesthetic beauty. If you have held a copy of the journal in your hands, you know this.

The new edition asks us to reexamine our notions of ‘activism’ and consider the fabric of our lives and all our actions as opportunities for conscious engagement:

Kosmos has once again gathered together a group of leaders who are defining the new conscious activism and answering the call to engage. From reactive and raging protests and resistance, activism has now evolved to deep self-inquiry into how we, ourselves, might be complicit in perpetuating the conditioned values of a materialistically dysfunctional society. We are asked to look at our motivations, to use our hearts as well as our heads, to become courageous defenders of our values, and to become creators of a world that is in harmony with all Life.” – Nancy Roof

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Read a full feature from the new edition: An Interview with Deepak Chopra: You Are the Universe, (Deepak Chopra and Claudia Welss)

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