Kosmos Partners with OneTreePlanted to Help Restore Forests

In 2017 Kosmos partnered with OneTreePlanted and planted five hundred trees in the Colorado Rockies, thanks to you. That’s because five trees are planted every time someone joins Kosmos Community at the Verdant level.

One tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon per year and 46 trees can absorb 1 metric ton of carbon from the atmosphere. Kosmos has partnered with OneTreePlanted once again, so that together with our readers we can offset the carbon cost of printing Kosmos Journal twice a year. In 2018, we have arranged to plant trees in North America, in areas where devastating fires have claimed thousands of acres. Every tree planted  helps protect local animals and is vital to maintaining the beauty of our forests.


Over the past decade, America has done an amazing job replanting its disappearing forests. Despite 90% of the United States’ original forests having been destroyed, the country has actually seen an increase in its total forest cover. While deforestation continues to exist throughout the nation, efforts at replanting those trees have been succesful. American forests are home to over 33,000 plant and animal species, and we rely on them for over 2.5 million jobs, amounting to $102 billion of our GDP.


However, our forests still need help.

Join Kosmos Community at the ‘Verdant Member’ level, and Kosmos will plant five trees in your name to help restore our forests!



Learn more about how forests regenerate after a fire.