Invitation to Share Your Journey with Kosmos

Kosmos recently received a generous grant from the Fenwick Foundation for a research project to discover shared ideas, themes, and collaborative opportunity among people and groups that have expressed deep connection with certain paradigmatic changes taking place in the world. At Kosmos we believe, like many, that humanity is in the midst of an evolutionary transformation on a worldwide scale. In many places, our worn-out story of separation and fear is giving way to a new one of intimate connection with one another, and celebration of our diverse cultures, indigenous wisdom, and all life on Earth.

We have been reaching out to thinkers, doers, artists, makers, teachers, leaders and community-builders whose works express this emerging sense of transformation, to learn more about their individual journeys and to identify shared goals. As a friend of Kosmos, your ideas matter to us.  We invite you to take this 15 minute survey and share your thoughts.

As old systems break down we are working to identify, amplify and share 1) practices that expand consciousness and inner capacities, 2) core values, collaborative models and collective insights, and 3) road-maps for institutional change in governance, economics, culture and ecology.  Kosmos Journal has been advancing and participating in these trends since 2001. It is wonderful to share this journey together.

Deepest gratitude,

All of us at Kosmos Associates/Kosmos Journal