CALL FOR READER’S ESSAYS What Makes You Feel Truly Alive?

Twice a year Kosmos invites our readers to submit an 800-word essay. We choose 2 or 3 essays to publish in our hard copy journal and publish several others in our newsletter and on our website. This is an opportunity for you to share your work and expertise with a large international audience.

We are excited about the next issue of Kosmos and hope you will participate.

The Spring/Summer issue of Kosmos is an inquiry into the many dimensions of Life, from the living universe, to the living earth, to the life force within humans and their creations. In a world losing vitality and dynamism from outmoded habits and collapsing institutions what are emerging living organizations, living design, living communication, living science, living economics? We invite you to submit an essay on any of these dimensions or in answer to the question: What makes you feel truly alive?

Due: March 8
800 word maximum (due to limits of space)

Written Works Submission Form