Spring | Summer 2009

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Spring | Summer 2009
Editorial Read
Global Transformation and World Community
Slouching Towards Global Transformation | Waking Up in Time
James O’Dea Read now
Cycles of Transformation | Day of the Citizens of the World
Rene Wadlow
Journey Toward World Community
Abdul Aziz Said
Transforming Self and Culture
The Plight of Iraqi Artists
Dahr Jamail
Tale of the Phoenix
Qasim Sabti
Harvesting the Wisdom of the Kosmos | Conversations that Matter
Helen Titchen Beeth and George Por
InterSpiritual Transformation
Ed Bastian, Cynthia Bourgeault, Rami Shapiro, Kabir Helminski,
Camille Helminski, Swami Atmarupananda
Awakening the Energies of Love
Anne Hillman Read now
Australian Aboriginal Worldview
Tex Skuthorpe and Karl-Eric Sveiby
The Commons and Integral Capital
James Bernard Quilligan Read
Maine Activists Protect the Commons
Jamilla El-Shafei
Changing Systems and Structures
The Many Dimensions of Change
Don Beck
Media | Journalism that Matters | An Emerging Cultural Narrative
Peggy Holman
Culture | Edge
Lewis Marshall
Religion | Religions Today | An Integral Perspective
Corey deVos
Women | As Our World Re-Shapes Itself
Aster Patel
Economics | Beyond Bailouts
Jordan B. MacLeod Read now
Education | Shimmers from the Shoal | Global Sustainability
Eric Schneider
Business | Reorganizing the Future
Jan W. Lee Martin

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The Many Dimensions of Change


Change, for sure, is the topic of the day. That’s easy to say. Butchange ‘from what and to what?’ I ask. Add ‘how and by whom?’and then perhaps we can begin to talk some sense, even in these days of nonstop news cycles and naïve but well-meaning mantras clamoring for ‘change.’

Maine Activists Protect the Commons


Communities in Maine have been engaging in a struggle to protect their groundwater resources from the multinational corporation Nestlé Waters N.A., the largest food and beverage company in the world. Nestlé, which is in the business of mining water to fill plastic bottles for their labels such as Poland Springs, seeks to expand its business by increasing the number of wellheads throughout the state. It is pumping millions more gallons of spring water from aquifers each day.

Yes: We: Can:


YES: There is power in the word ‘yes’. ‘Yes’ affirms our commitment. ‘Yes’ focuses us, strengthens us, enables us to move mountains. Ambivalence, hesitation, fear and apathy, by contrast, foster the status quo.

Birthing Planetary Civilization


These critical times offer unprecedented opportunities to make the aspirations of billions a reality—where the quality of life matters, where there is human solidarity, reverence for nature and moral leadership—and a world of hope for each and every living being.

Awakening the Energies of Love


At a national professional conference thirty years ago, I stood before a hand-painted poster that so captivated me, I wanted it the way a child wants a treasure found at the beach. Since then, that sheet of newsprint has hung where I see it every day. The paint is faded and the paper worn, but Teilhard de Chardin’s message is timeless.

Beyond Bailouts | How a Circulation Charge Can Help Save and Transform Global Finance


The global financial crisis has created tremendous uncertainty about the future prospects of human society. Very few people saw it coming and even fewer, if any, can say with much degree of certainty what will happen next. National governments are currently injecting trillions of dollars into their financial systems and the broader economy simply to cushion the fall of equity prices, home values and employment rates.

The Commons and Integral Capital


The global economic crash is very big news. But what the media headlines and reports do not mention is how deeply this crisis is rooted in our history. During the past several centuries, businesses and government have become enmeshed in a single system. State capitalism now exists in virtually every sovereign nation.

Slouching Towards Global Transformation | Waking up in Time


Great changes are blowing through the world: it is, as the ancients understood, “all things change.” Yet even the Greek philosophers would have been more than a little startled to witness our current planetary hyper-acceleration. Five thousand years ago humans were carving their best wisdom in words and symbols into rocks