“Salt is as free as the water suspending it when it’s dissolved, and as immutable as stone when it’s dry.”  -Sallie Tisdale

SALT follows Rossi’s ICE series. The artist ponders what will happen once all the glaciers have melted, if global temperatures continue to increase.  As water evaporates and lakes disappear, salt flats, massive evaporative basins that extend for miles, will appear as they already have in other times in the planet’s history.
 Salt has played a vital part in religious rituals in many cultures, symbolizing immutable, incorruptible purity. Will this purity be lost if CO2 levels increase and global warming intensifies? As more and more salt flats emerge, they will bear silent witness to the planet’s demise and salt will no longer symbolise purity nor be the ‘white gold’ sought after for centuries.

Photography | © jasmine rossi