Study Guide

This is a self-paced study guide for anyone wishing to connect more deeply with Kosmos Journal Quarterly and our community. The theme is All Consuming! Use this guide for personal reflection or for focused discussion in small groups. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment sections of the individual articles or on our private Facebook Page.

Week 1 | How We Consume

Welcome! We have organized the content of the Fall 2018 edition of Kosmos Quarterly around four weekly themes. Week One explores the central concept, ‘How We Consume.’ What do our habits of consumption reveal about our beliefs, fears, and aspirations—for our own lives and all life on Earth?


Week 2 | Messages & Beliefs

Fake news, ‘alternate facts’—the information landscape is constantly shifting. Yet, we are the ultimate deciders of how we make meaning of the world. The messages, stories, and even the conversations we ‘consume’ have an aggregate affect on our emotions, wellbeing, and worldview.


Week 3 | What Consumes Us

This week we consider ‘What Consumes Us’ as a mirror of our own volition. What is it that we chase or aspire to? If we are chasing material wealth or are addicted in other ways, we are bound to create more suffering for ourselves and others. When we allow ourselves to be consumed by love, spirit, or hope, we are contributing directly to a better future.


Week 4 | Consciousness

Use this week to deepen your personal practice. Reflect on the past weeks and review what has been learned. What does it mean to ‘become aware of your own awareness’ and identify with universal purpose? Consider developing an essay for Kosmos Journal Quarterly on your experience studying this edition.