Sarla Chandra

What a joy to meet once again—to experience Sarla Chandra’s deep artistic commitment to India’s treasures of philosophy, mythology and culture. She puts light and energy onto canvas with insight and inspiration manifesting
her own deep love of God, Nature and Man…a yoga that is both natural as well as wondrous, fresh as well as eternal.
—Srimati Kamala, May 2007

Sarla Chandra, born in 1943, is a Science post graduate from St.John’s College, Agra, India. She is a talented artist, who has been painting for the best part of 40 years, often combining her works with her studies of Indian philosophy, mythology and scripture. It is her unparalleled knowledge of these subjects that she manifests onto the canvas. Painting for Sarla Chandra is a form of meditation, where she can study ontology.  Her paintings are a personal expression of her love for Indian culture and mythology.  Hers is an art of hope, peace and self-realization.

“I am engaged in a continuing search not only of the self but of the roots of creation in its cosmic display.” —Sarla Chandra