Reza Khatir

Reza Khatir was born in Tehran in 1951. In 1968 he moved to London to continue his education and while at university he discovered a passion for photography. In 1976, he interrupted his studies in food science to dedicate himself totally to a career in photography. He then spent a year in Paris before relocating permanently to Locarno in southern Switzerland in 1977. Having successfully completed a two year course in advanced photography in Milan, he started his professional career as a photo-reporter working on assignments for press agencies and magazines.

After many journeys which equipped him with invaluable field experience, in 1981 he established his own photographic agency (SKYLITE) in Locarno. In 1986, he launched a magazine called FLAIM in Switzerland and later co-published CHIAROSCURO photo-magazine in Milan. Reza has since also published a number of art and photographic books, and continues to write articles about cinema and photography for the media and art magazines. His most recent publication is a pocket manual on portraiture photography. Reza also writes poetry in different languages which he occasionally publishes.