Rama J. Vernon

Rama J. Vernon, Founder of the Center for International Dialogue has
traveled to the former Soviet Union 47 times organizing counterpart
meetings, exchange programs, events and conferences. She initiated the
First and Second Soviet-American Citizens Summits as well as the first
Conflict Resolution and Dialogue Round tables between Armenia and
Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Ukraine.

During the Gulf War, Rama formed
weekly Arab-American and Middle East Dialogues with citizens of warring
countries. In 1992 she began facilitating women’s gatherings throughout
the United States and in 1994 she organized the Women of Vision:
Leadership for a New World Conference in Washington, D.C., attended by
over 500 women. This conference led to the formation of the Women of
Vision and Action Network, an international organization that embraces
and supports spiritually motivated social action. Founder of six
successful non-profit organizations including the magazine “Yoga
, Ms Vernon is the mother of five children and was the recipient of the
1991 Inside Edge Foundation World Peace Award, the Evart T. Loomis
World Peace Award as well as Outstanding Achievement Awards from South
America, India and the former USSR.

The Rama J. Vernon Story


The world is like the kink of a dogs tail, said one great master from the Far East, as long as you are holding it you think it is straight but the moment you let go, it just kinks up again. This phrase haunted me as I sojourned to the Soviet Union at the height of the cold war between the US and USSR. I was not a peace activist.