Nancy L. Rivard

Extensive travel on a personal quest for meaning engendered in Nancy a
deep desire to serve humanity and a new vision for the travel industry.
She lived with the Hopi Indians, adopted a girl in Sri Lanka, spent a
month in the high Andes, and searched for spiritual teachers in
Thailand, Africa, India, the Philippines and the former USSR before
founding Airline Ambassadors International (AAI). AAI has been
recognized by the US Congress and is affiliated with the United Nations.
Members have hand delivered millions of dollars of humanitarian aid to
over 100,000 children in orphanages, clinics and remote communities in
54 countries. Among her many awards are 1999 Woman of Peace, the
Ambassador of Peace Award, the Islamic Cultural Center’s Humanitarian
Award and National Caring Award.

Nancy brings joy wherever she goes and
through her magnetic personality, dedication and skills has attracted
single-handedly the support necessary for this innovative global
endeavor of compassionate activism.