Kingsley L. Dennis

Kingsley Dennis, PhD, is an author, researcher, and futurist. He is the author of Breaking the Spell: An Exploration of Human Perception; New Revolutions for a Small Planet: How the Global Shift in Humanity and Nature Will Transform Our Minds and Lives; The Struggle for Your Mind: Conscious Evolution & The Battle to Control How We Think; and New Consciousness for a New World. He is the co-author, with Ervin Laszlo, of Dawn of the Akashic Age: New Consciousness, Quantum Resonance, and the Future of the World. He is also the co-editor of The New Science & Spirituality Reader . Kingsley also co-authored After the Car.

Kingsley is co-founder of WorldShift International, which is a conscious evolution initiative that promotes & supports a world shift both externally within our current global systems, as well as internally on a personal level.

Kingsley worked in the Sociology Dept. at Lancaster University, UK, and is now a visiting fellow at the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe) at Lancaster Uni. Kingsley has authored numerous articles on social futures; technology and new media communications; global affairs; and conscious evolution. As well as academic training, Kingsley has also lived and worked for many years overseas, including five years in Turkey. 

He currently lives in Andalusia, Spain and is working on new book material. He continues to research, write, travel, grow his own vegetables, and seek a life of balance & learning.

He can be contacted at his personal website: