Katherine Minott

Katherine Minott

Katherine Minott has lived in Arizona and New Mexico for most of her adult life. Her aesthetic has been shaped by the region’s wide open horizons, cumulus clouds, and the ancient rock-bones of Mother Earth. Katherine’s connection to the natural world began in Harvard, MA, where apple orchards, swamps, and Shaker cemeteries provided an important backdrop to her New England childhood. Exploration and discovery help to temporarily satiate some of her feverish curiosity about Life.

Katherine earned a Master of Arts degree and, for over 18 years, instructed college students in the fine art of writing. Via alternative teaching delivery methods and opportunities, she taught a wide variety of student populations: incarcerated teens and adults, troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an incoming class of state police recruits.  Katherine also plied her craft as a freelance magazine writer, profiling one of the Discovery Channel’s hit stars, Cody Lundin of Dual Survival. 

Now a full-time visual artist, she spends many hours immersed in the deserts and mountains, camera in hand, often “cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown.” (Quote by Alan Watts)

Love Letters from Seaweed

Journal Article

“The next high tide would erase these remarkable assemblages in 12 hours and others would take their place—always a reminder that time and action are evolutionary agents moving everything toward something else.”