George Pór

George Pór is a strategic learning partner and adviser to leaders in
international business, government and NGOs in matters of innovation,
change management, collective intelligence, and knowledge ecology. He is
assisting them to cultivate an “appreciation culture” in their
organizations, a web of supportive relationships that reflect and
promote organic patterns of wholeness, balance, and beauty. An executive
mentor, he facilitates the transition of organizations to higher stages
of collective intelligence and performance. George is the Founder and a
Senior Consultant of CommunityIntelligence Ltd.

Since the early 80’s, George has been pioneering the development of
new engines of value-creation with knowledge networks and communities of
practice, and architecting virtual communities that engage the power of
self-organizing processes. He combines European values with American
“can do” dynamism and ancient wisdom practices.

He served as Senior Research Fellow at INSEAD, Research Fellow in the
Complexity Research Group at London School of Economics, and currently,
he is PrimaVera Research Fellow in Collective Intelligence at
Universiteit van Amsterdam. He is a Fellow of the Art of Hosting, a
Presencing practitioner, and a Steward of the World Café.

George’s signature projects include: the launch of the first online
course on communities of practice, co-taught with Etienne Wenger in
1998, and the web-based Knowledge Ecology Fair where 400 knowledge
managers from around the world participated in virtual workshops and
online café conversation, in the same year. He is the author of
“Liberating the Innovation Value of Communities of Practice,” several
other book chapters and over 100 articles translated into French,
Russian, Japanese, and Hebrew. He is the publisher of the Blog of
Collective Intelligence.

His current and past clients include: British Petroleum, Dutch
government, EDS, Ericsson, European Commission, European Foundation for
Management Development, European Investment Bank, Ford Motor Co.,
Hewlett Packard, INSEAD, Intel, Siemens, Sun Microsystems, Swiss Re, and
Unilever. George lives in Brussels and speaks English, French,
Hungarian and Russian.


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