Don Edward Beck

Don Edward Beck Ph.D. has designed and implemented transformational
practices for almost thirty years in corporate, governmental and
community settings worldwide through Spiral Dynamics Integral. His
unique values-based model charts the evolution and emergence of human
nature – a bio- psycho-social-spiritual map of living human systems that
focuses on natural designs and offers integral solutions that are
ecological, systemic and life-affirming. His design for post-apartheid
South Africa is described in his book The Crucible Forging South
Africa’s Future.

He is founder of the Institute of Values and Culture,
the Spiral Dynamics Group and founding associate of Ken Wilber’s
Integral Institute and the co-author of Spiral Dynamics: Mastering
Values, Leadership and Change.  For more information, visit

Stages of Development: Cultural, Political and Economic


Quo Vadis, Humanity? Today we face serious questions around rigid ideologies, national boundaries, proprietary interests, technological utopias and naive, egalitarian demands. Global debates center on competing economic models, open political access, mandated equality of opportunity and results, and a host of other external, top-down solutions.

Windmills, Tulips, and Fundamentalism


Have you ever been in a turbulent thunderstorm on a dark, rainy night when suddenly a bolt of lightning illuminated the hidden landforms and human-made structures? In a flash, for a microsecond, you experienced what had been invisible. You were made aware of the realities that surrounded you, some friendly, others hostile.

The Many Dimensions of Change


Change, for sure, is the topic of the day. That’s easy to say. Butchange ‘from what and to what?’ I ask. Add ‘how and by whom?’and then perhaps we can begin to talk some sense, even in these days of nonstop news cycles and naïve but well-meaning mantras clamoring for ‘change.’