DJ Chandler

DJ Chandler
DJ Chandler is an active member of the Peace Alliance and co-lead of Truth Storytelling for the Peace Alliance as well as co-lead of the Communications Committee for the Peace Alliance National Department of Peacebuilding Committee. She also donates her time to the YouTube channels Peacebuilders Series and Truth & Peace Storytelling, both for the Peace Alliance in the interest of promoting peace and peacebuilding for the US and the world.
DJ earned her doctorate, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees at UCLA not far from where she grew up in Los Angeles zip code 90045. She has been a teacher in some form since 1983 and currently is the founding director of Sagehorse Umbrella, a registered 501c3.

A US Department of Peacebuilding?

Journal Article

Soon after the pandemic began in 2020, the authors separately found their way to a new community for each of them: the US Department of Peacebuilding Campaign and national grassroots advocacy community. As the pandemic raged, the authors engaged with a growing group of people across the country who were practicing the ways of the Beloved Community. For them, the experience was transformational.