Dana Lynne Andersen

Dana Lynne Andersen sends a clarion call to artists and patrons
throughout the world: “The Arts have the potential to catalyze the
evolution of humanity.” In contrast to the current gallery and museum
scene of ‘art for arts sake,’ Andersen advocates ‘art on purpose,’
referring to work that is deliberate in its intention to uplift humanity
and serve as a conduit of revelation. Andersen founded Awakening Arts
Network, a global resource nexus connecting hundreds of artists
throughout the world who are engaged in creating art that is
‘evolutionary’ and ‘transformative.’

Andersen’s large-scale paintings are stunning in breadth of vision
and subtlety of detail. Her work is often ‘cosmological’ in theme and
expression. Sweeping panoramas of color and form speak both of the
vastness of the universe without and the mysterious depths of inner
space. Scintillating symbols bring forth archetypal knowledge from
realms deep within. Robert McDermott, former president of the California
Institute of Integral Studies, recently described Andersen as a
‘Vesuvius’ of Creativity’ and spoke of the importance of her work as a
visionary for the consciousness community. Dana Lynne Andersen,
heralding a ‘renaissance’ in a higher order of art, calls us to aspire
to ‘awakening arts.’ Please visit www.awakeningarts.com
for beautiful original paintings, archival fine art prints and
commissions, as well as creativity retreats for artists and non-artists
alike, and the global resource nexus.