Craig Burrows

Craig Burrows

Craig is a 30 year-old photographer based in Southern Californian and has been practicing photography since 2010, teaching himself through a combination of practice, online resources, and an academic background including physics. With respect to his portfolio, he is an eclectic photographer. The genre in which he comes closest to specializing is alternative-light photography. He has special interest in photographing infrared, ultraviolet, and ultraviolet-induced visible fluorescence. Among conventional-light fields of photography, he favors macro, landscape, and urban scenes.

Being a co-owner of a small manufacturing business, he also has experience creating product photos for sales and marketing purposes. Working alone and with other photographers, he has covered events including competitive music festivals, weddings, and engagement photos.

Gallery 2 | Flower Flourescence


The process of UVIVF photography reveals natural fluorescence which occurs any time the subject is exposed to sunlight, but which is usually too overwhelmed with visible light to be distinguished. Working with a strictly ultraviolet light source, all of that obscurity is stripped away, leaving surreal and beautiful luminous hues behind.