Awakened Life Men’s Collective

Awakened Life Men’s Collective

What is an authentic expression of an integrated and Awakened manhood in the 21st century? What are the untapped potentials that can be catalysed through an evolutionary spiritual Brotherhood? Grounded in the revelation of our essential freedom and prior unity, we – the men of the Awakened Life Men’s Collective -are endeavouring to find out!

Founded by spiritual teacher Peter Bampton in 2009, the growing circle of the Awakened Life Men’s Collective has evolved into an experiment that has radically transformed the lives of many men from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and nationalities.

Peter is the author of The Fire of the Heart, co-founder and spiritual director of The Awakened Life Project, founder and leader of The Men’s Collective, and the founder of Evolusa.


Awakened Life!

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“Clearly if we are to truly Awaken and come together in deep Brotherhood in the 21st century we cannot return to the mythic dogmatisms and patriarchal rigidities of traditional masculine culture and we also want to transcend the materialistic bias of the modern male rational mind.”