Institutional Transformation

Unleashing Our Potential to Create A Whole New World

If the unrealized potential of humanity had a sound, it would blare like a sound cannon used to scatter unruly crowds. If we could see from the sky the momentum we’ve generated for transforming our world, we’d see a great tsunami.

Despite the tremendous energy we’ve generated, it remains scattered and insufficient, activating people alone or in small groups across the globe, often focusing on individual issues. In the face of widespread systemic crises, we must now ask ourselves what we’re missing. How do we harness all this power into a unified sea of coherent, collaborative creation?

We’ll have to go broader and deeper than we’ve ever gone. We’ll need to go beneath our differences to the core of our common humanity, ask ourselves better questions, and then intentionally create our lives and world on the scaffolding of our answers. The questions aren’t, “Whose fault is it?” “Who should we elect?” “What reforms are needed in education, healthcare, or social services?” They’re not even “How do we fix our broken systems?”

Rather, the key questions are “Who ARE we?” and “How do we TRULY want to live?” Without asking these deeper questions, we have no idea what we’re even trying to accomplish. We’re just rearranging the furniture by recreating what we already have by doing the things we’re already doing. Without knowing what we’re building and why, how can we know what systems and structures to put in place? If we don’t know who we TRULY are and how we TRULY want to live, how will we know what we need to support this new way of living? How will we know what’s important and what’s not, what to focus our energy and resources on and what not to? As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

We’ve never done this before as a global society. We haven’t asked ourselves the deeper questions that would take us to the core of our common humanity, where the answers to every one of our personal and planetary crises reside. We haven’t stopped blaming each other for running into the proverbial iceberg or bickering about where the deck chairs go. We have not yet designed the safe, creative space necessary to draw out our best answers, nor have we created the mechanism to translate them into coherent, collaborative local and global creation. Without these things, we haven’t been able to get beyond what divides us, much less unite intentionally in common purpose for the good of all.

We, the people of the world, can resolve every personal and planetary crisis we face and create a world that no longer produces crises. We can create our lives, communities, and a world that reflect our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings—one that’s economically viable, ecologically flourishing, naturally sustainable, wholly fulfilling, and truly just. We can purposefully design the new systems and structures to support us in this vibrant, new reality. In other words, we can create a whole new, thriving world. We can do all this, not go insane, and even have fun in the process.

Of all the amazing things we’ve created over time, we’ve never intentionally created a whole New World. We’ve never been in the powerful, daunting position of deciding and being responsible for the fate of our species and the well-being of the planet on which our lives depend. As a human society, we’ve never made creating a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations our explicit and central focus.

Of all the inspiring messages and important calls to action we’ve communicated, and despite all the magnificent work many are doing to address our global challenges, we’ve yet to frame creating our New World as humanity’s concrete task, invite the people of the world to engage in it, or empower ourselves with a viable way to accomplish it.

For the last decade, I’ve been creating and testing a whole-system, community-based social action architecture that does just that. I call it the Architecture for Creating Our New World. It’s designed with the universal intelligence of Nature to empower a locally autonomous, globally coherent world-building movement in which regular people create a world that reflects our deepest truths and highest aspirations as human beings.

The purpose of this social architecture is to deliberately ignite and empower a coherent and global world-building movement—because we need one if we’re going to survive as a species, and there isn’t yet such a movement occurring. None of us can do this alone, so please join together as this global co-creation is initiated next spring, when my book, Out of the Giant Hairball: How Regular People Can Create a Whole New World, is released.

Today, the world is focusing on our differences as sources of conflict and applying our considerable creative capacity to create our way to the brink of our own extinction. This is a road none of us want to be on. If we wish to survive, thrive, and evolve, it’s time to begin a whole new body of work.

It’s time to create a whole New World. On purpose. Together.