gallery one – Violence Transformed: Celebrating the Transformative Power of Art

Violence Transformed is an annual—and annually expanding—series of visual and performing arts events celebrating the power of art, artists, and art-making to confront, challenge, and mediate violence. The aims of Violence Transformed are to broaden and diversify the audience for socially engaged artistic practice, amplify the voices of creative individuals and organizations at work in our communities, and foster collaborative action to address, prevent, and overcome violence and the risk of violence in our homes, in our communities, and at regional, national, and international levels.

At Cambridge College, the Violence Transformed 2015: Art Speaks Truth to Power exhibit placed works naming and commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide beside works speaking to the continuing brutality of racial violence here at home, the devastating impact of sexual and domestic violence here and abroad, and the reality of war and flight from war in country after country. Alongside these works stood those that asked us to look at and then beyond the carnage to envision a different future for humankind. Mary Harvey, Founding Director.